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About Me

Clinical psychologists are experts in the assessment and treatment of mental health problems and psychological distress.


I am a highly experienced clinical psychologist committed to helping people make meaningful changes in their lives through effective psychological therapy. I work with adults, adolescents, parents and families. I specialise in the treatment of stress, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, depression, emotion dysregulation and high-conflict relationships.

Choosing a therapist can be confusing, which can add more stress at a time when you are already struggling. Here are a few things I can offer that I hope will give you a sense of whether we could work well together:

I have been working as a qualified clinical psychologist in the NHS for over 17 years providing effective therapy for adults, adolescents and families from diverse backgrounds in community mental health teams, GP practices, hospitals, and outpatient therapy clinics.


I have supervised therapists and held management roles in a variety of services. In my current NHS role I am a Consultant Clinical Psychologist at one of the UK’s most established psychological therapy programmes for young people with difficulties with emotion dysregulation and complex post-traumatic stress, based at the Maudsley Hospital in London. 

Effective approaches
I hold a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and I am trained and experienced in a number of specialised psychological therapies that have been demonstrated to work well for particular problems in large scale research trials. These include: 

  • Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (for low mood, stress, anxiety, sleep difficulties, post-traumatic stress and psychosis)

  • Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (for problems with regulating emotions, relationships and suicidal thoughts and urges)

  • Prolonged Exposure (for post-traumatic stress)

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (for anxiety and mood difficulties)

  • Attachment-Based Family Therapy (for young people with depression and their parents/carers)

  • Mindfulness (for depression and stress reduction)


Whatever the difficulties you are seeking consultation around we will have a wide range of tools that work at our disposal to help you manage your distress and improve your quality of life. These will be embedded in an approach that is compassionate, culturally sensitive and tailored to your individual needs.

In our first appointment we will assess what you are struggling with clearly, work out your goals, and devise a plan to reach them. Starting therapy and trying to make changes can be daunting; I will help you to stay hopeful, motivated and on-track. I will provide you with resources to help you practice what we work on in our sessions. 

Many people seeking assistance with emotional difficulties have experienced traumatic times earlier in their lives. If you are often overwhelmed by thoughts and feelings of the past I can help you to develop a greater sense of safety and increased control over painful emotions. Then, if you choose to, we can move on to helping you process and integrate past traumas at a pace that feels manageable to you, so that you can live with the past rather than in the past. I recognise that a safe, trusting and respectful therapeutic relationship will be the foundation from which all of this is possible.


I regularly update my training and receive supervision of my practice to ensure that I am providing my services to the highest ethical and professional standards.

I am registered with the Health & Care Professions Council and I am a Chartered member of the British Psychological Society. I am fully insured to practice and I am DBS-approved.

I operate a standard fee per 50-55 minute session and a reduced rate is sometimes available depending on your circumstances. 

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